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Calculation of the sanitary protective zones and construction zones of radio engineering objects

Procedure for providing of service

Providing service on calculation of sanitary-protective zones and development of radio engineering of objects (with (or without) coordination in the territorial bodies of hygiene and epidemiology of the Republic of Belarus and obtaining sanitary-hygienic conclusion) is carried out in accordance with the Agreement, concluded between RUE “BelGIE” and an applicant. The reason for the conclusion of the Agreement is a written request from the applicant at the address of RUE "BelGIE".

In order to carry out a work in accordance with the Agreement, an applicant should submit to RUE “BelGIE”:
1. Source data regarding all transmitters, located within first line of buildings, including common site (at the common roof or at the common mast) from placed transmitting object;
2. Situational plan of terrain, provided in any scale (М1:500, М1:1000 or М1:2000). All buildings (within first line of buildings from placed transmitted object) with the indication of their height and purpose (residential, dormitory, pre-school and general education institution, Health Organization, production, administrative and so on);
3. Actual photos from the location of the antenna sites.

The form of source data
An example of the situation plan

If you cannot provide required source data and the situational plan of terrain for addressing of RUE "BelGIE", RUE "BelGIE" will be able as an additional service:
1. to carry out the works regarding the composition of source data in order to calculate the sanitary-protective zones and limitation zones of  the construction of the radio technical equipment;
2. to compose the situational plan of terrain for the calculation of the sanitary-protective zones and limitation zones of  the construction of the radio technical equipment.

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