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Services (administrative procedures) provided by RUE "BelGIE"

An administrative procedure is defined as an action of the state body, which should be committed in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction, upon application of a citizen, for establishing (granting, certification, validation, registration, security), modification, suspension, preservation, transfer or termination of rights and ( or) the responsibilities of citizenship including ending the issuance of a certificate or other document (its agreement, statement), either registration of a citizen, his property, or the provision of cash or other assets, and (or) services.

The list of the administrative procedures, which are carried out by RUE "BelGIE", is established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from March, 16th, 2006 №152 and the Decision of the Council of Ministry of the Republic of Belarus from February, 17th, 2012 № 156. Main principles of the realization of administrative procedures are contained in the Law of the Republic of Belarus № 433-3 «About basics of administrative procedures».

Administrative procedures for legal bodies

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