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Подача заявлений на ввоз и эксплуатацию радиоэлектронных средств

  • I ask you to carry out the administrative procedure for issuing a Issuance of a conclusion (license or authorization) on the right to import of the civil radio electronic facilities and/or high-frequency devices, including embedded ones or being one of the components of other goods in accordance with the Section 2.16 of the Single List of goods, which are subject to non-tariff regulation measures in the trade with the third countries, envisaged by Protocol about non-tariff regulation measures in relation to the third countries to the Agreement about Eurasian Economical Union from 29 May 2014 (Annex 7)
  • I ask you to carry out the administrative procedure for issuing a permission for the right to use the radio frequency spectrum during the operation of radio electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as REF) and (or) a high frequency device (hereinafter referred to as HFD) for civilian use

  • Destination, radio technology(name of events):
    For period from/to
    (specify the required period of validity of permits, but not more than 6 months):
    Name of company:
    Numbers of contact phones (fax):
    Bank details:
    Last name, first name, patronymic (if any) and position of applicant:







    State supervision for the telecommunications

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