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The Ministry of Communications has simplified the use of radio-electronic devices during the preparation and holding of the II European Games of 2019

Wednesday 20.02.19 - 15:38

Under  the preparation to the 2nd European Games 2019 and other significant sports competitions, the cultural and entertainment events, as well as to ensure the presence of the official foreign delegations, the demonstration of radio electronic devices at the exhibitions of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, there were made changes to the list of radio electronic devices and high-frequency devices that are operated without the appropriate permissions to use the radio frequency spectrum, issued as a result of the assignment of the radio frequencies or radio frequency channels.


Radio stations in the range of free use. Features of usage.

Wednesday 31.10.18 - 10:35

Dear users of the radio spectrum!

Every year interest in the tourism component of our country is constantly increasing. The number of travelers and tourists travelling through the territory of Belarus has been steadily growing. These are the citizens of our country and foreign tourists, which often use radio stations operated in the frequency ranges of free use.







State supervision for the telecommunications

2-е Европейские Игры в Минске
2-е Европейские Игры в Минске