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The appearance of telegraph communication had become the beginning of the development of telecommunications branch. In the territory of the Republic of Belarus it occurred more than 140 years ago – 27th of November 1859.

Rapid development of the telecommunications in technically developed countries had soon caused the necessity of the coordination of the development issues of this branch between the states, and in 1865 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) had been established. Furthermore, in the middle of XX century ITU had become the specialized agency of United Nations Organization (UNO) in the telecommunications field. The Agency occupies with the issues of the technical operation as well as possesses the exclusive right to decide the questions of radio spectrum allocation. Almost all countries of the world including the Republic of Belarus are the members of ITU.
The responsibility for the accomplishment of the international regulations for supervision lies with the heads of the states who can delegate the right of state supervision for telecommunications to governmental structures in separate cases. In the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Communication and Informatization and particularly within its jurisdiction Republican Unitary Enterprise of supervision for Telecommunications “BelGIE” had been put in charge of this issue.

Early in the territory of the Republic of Belarus the issues of the radio spectrum utilization and radio spectrum monitoring had been the main tasks of the radio centres, however the central bodies of Telecommunications Administration of the USSR under the leadership of Ministry of Communications of the USSR realize the ideology and control organization from Moscow.

The Belorussian Receiving Centre was founded after the liberation of the BSSR from fascist occupation in 1944. To organize radio communication and reception of radio broadcasting from Moscow the equipment had been brought from Vologda, and the radio centre had been deployed in the oldest National park of Belarus – Priluki, which was founded in the end of XVIII century. Except the landscape on the bank of river Ptich this park is famous for the castle of XVI century belonged to the Oginsky’s family. In this park the first Belorussian film “The forest true story” had been produced.

The castle in the National park of Belarus – Priluki

The last owner of the castle was count G. Chapsky, brother of K. Chapsky – the Head of Minsk municipal council, who founded a theatre in Minsk in 17th of June 1890 (now – Yanka Kupala Theatre), horse-drawn tram in 10th of January 1892, power station in 12th of January 1896, telephone station of general use in 18th of November 1896.

Count G. Chapsky’s family

The first workmen of radio centre:
Director – Grachev.
Technicians: A. Sapogov, M. Alekseychik, Krutko, A. Valkovich, V. Vasilets, L. Sapogova, O. Stanilevich, G. Bezborodov, A. Makeev.

In 1950 the designing and construction of new building of radio centre had been started. It had been put into operation in 1956. In purpose of State Supervisory for telecommunications the equipment including one for the radio monitoring had been accommodated in the building.

Receiving radio centre. Priluki, 1956.

The first equipment for radio monitoring.

14th of October 1957, in connection with the beginning of television broadcasting in the BSSR, the necessity of fulfillment of the international radio monitoring programs in Western direction as well as in connection with the organization of radio observation for the Earth artificial satellites (EAS) signals at Belorussian Republican Radio Centre the Technical Radio Monitoring Point (TRMP) had been founded in Priluki which was headed by engineer Y. Garelik.

Working place for the signals monitoring of the first Earth artificial satellites.1957.

State supervision structure in 1957 - 1959 years.

The control zone included the BSSR, the western side from the north of Africa to Scandinavia including the appropriate part of the Atlantic ocean. Along with the accomplishment of the radio monitoring programs on the strengthening of the wave discipline in Minsk TPRM zone the works on the pattern measurement of antenna emission had been performed.

In 1959 the leading specialists of Belorussian Republican radio centre (L. Kostyushko, E. Polees, F. Zhivitsa) had worked out the program of development of radio communication and broadcasting in the BSSR. Based on this program the radio centres for each region equipped with transmitting, receiving, measuring devices and antenna-feeder devices.

1st of December 1959 in the 100-year anniversary of Belarus Telecommunications branch the Government had been adopted the decision to create State Telecommunications Inspection (STI) under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Communications of the BSSR as independent body and the technical radio monitoring station (TRMS) as self-dependent enterprise subjected to Ministry of Communications of the BSSR. M. Zakharov had been appointed the first director of STI. A. Makarov had been appointed the director of TRMS.
Departments of STI and interference radio monitoring groups consisting of 4-5 persons had been created in the regional centers of the BSSR.

State supervision structure in 1959 - 1987 years

The instrumentation had been produced by the Scientific Research Institute of Radio. A part of technical devices had been delivered from Germany on account of reparation and later the GDR had supplied all generations of the instrumentation in accordance with the state agreements up to 1990.


The technical reequipment of the fixed and mobile radio monitoring stations of Minsk TRMS had allowed to solve successfully the tasks of maintenance of the technical parameters of radio facilities on high level, electromagnetic compatibility and receiving of data about the radio spectrum utilization.

The mobile stations

By 1963 the significant growth of quantity of radio stations including in railway and motor transport, medical establishments, construction organizations, law-enforcement agencies and others had occurred. In connection with those circumstances the work of STI and TRMS to maintain the electromagnetic compatibility of radio networks had been complicated.
In 1968 Belarussian military region Headquarters had handed empty areas in Priluki to accommodate TRMS and construct a separate building for TRMS.

Military barracks adapted for TRMS

Working place of radio monitoring in former military barracks

1970 - 1975. The designing and construction of TRMS building including antenna fields and dwelling houses for employees.

Construction of new TRMS building, 1972.

Antenna installation

The additional radio monitoring points with around-the-clock work had been founded in the regional centres and also in Molodechno, Borisov, Slutsk, Mozyr and others due to the USSR Government decision.

Republican STI bodies had worked in close interaction with the technicians of radio and television centres, helped them to solve the task on maintenance of the technical parameters of radio emissions of radio facilities on the highest level.

Radio monitoring equipment used in those years

In 1987 the functions of STI had been handed to TRMS together with the staff of Republican STI.

Структура госнадзора 1987г.г.

In December 1988 the functions of TRMS together with the functions of STI had been handed to RRTTC.

State supervision structure in 1988.


In 1992, in connection with disintegration of the USSR small STI personnel had to take the centralized STI functions of Ministry of Communications of the USSR especially the international aspects.
The formation of sovereign state of the Republic of Belarus had caused the necessity of the practical and legal reorganization of the state supervision for telecommunications.
In 1994-1996 the basic regulatory documents and structural proposals for the creation of principally new united state entity carrying out State supervision for Telecommunications in whole accordance with the ITU recommendations were elaborated.

As from 1st of July 1996 the bodies of State supervision for Telecommunications in the Republic of Belarus are:
- State supervisory department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus;
- Regional offices of State supervisory department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus.
27th of June 1996 № 427 Minsk


In purpose of carrying out of state policy in field of the radio spectrum utilization, ensuring of electromagnetic compatibility of radio facilities and also carrying out of monitoring of the telecommunications networks condition and equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus the Cabinet of the Republic of Belarus is deciding:
2. Ministry of Communications and Informatics should create State supervisory department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus.
3. To give State supervisory department for Telecommunications the functions of State supervision for the telecommunications networks condition and equipment, utilization of the radio frequency resource on the territory of the Republic and ensuring of electromagnetic compatibility of radio facilities.

Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus             M. Chigir
27th of June 1996 № 77
About the formation of State Enterprise “BelGIE”


1. To form State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications of State Enterprise “BelGIE” on the base of the separate division of the Republican radio television broadcasting centre as from 1st of July 1996.

Minister            V. Goncharenko


The director of RUE “BelGIE” is the principal state inspector for supervision of telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus.

New structure of enterprise had been adopted, reequipment of the fixed aтв mobile radio monitoring stations had been accomplished to realize tasks of supervision for Telecommunications.


Структура госнадзора в 1996 году

State supervision structure in 1996

The Director of the State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications (RUE “BelGIE”) is the main State inspector of the Republic of Belarus on the supervision for telecommunications. Since 27 June 1996 V.A. Nikonov has been appointed as the first Director of RUE “BelGIE”.

Since that time the work of RUE “BelGIE” team has been aimed at the further improving the methods of frequency planning and EMC providing in order to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in the radio frequency spectrum for the development of systems of radio and television broadcasting, mobile services for different purposes, fixed and satellite communications, provide control over the activities of licensees in the field of communication and the usage of radio frequency spectrum.

Focused and more specifically work on the management of the radio frequency spectrum was carried out with the Communications Administrations of neighbouring countries, which allowed to complete the coordination of developed plans of the frequency assignments to the stations of television and radio broadcasting of the Republic of Belarus, perform the distribution of preferable radio channels over the different radio frequency bands for the usage of radio-electronic facilities of the land mobile service in the border areas in 2000.

The trends were maintained to improve the technical equipment and modernization of equipment, mastering of modern methods of planning and assignment of radio frequencies for television and radio broadcasting, fixed and satellite communications, mobile radio services facilities has also begun.

Re-equipment of the fixed and mobile facilities of monitoring have been fulfilled. In 2004 the works on putting into use of the mobile monitoring stations "Argus" were launched. 

Since 2005 Sergey Bogdanov has become the Director of RUE "BelGIE".

Since this time serious work on technical equipment and modernization to up-to-date measurement, monitoring, automation of the working places and radio emission analysis facilities has been started. The obsolete equipment has been replaced, the radio spectrum analysators, scanning receivers, bearing finders, programme complexes for the detection of IP-telephony, satellite navigation, which have no analogues in the Republic of Belarus, have been acquired.  The country's only test laboratory, accredited to perform works on measuring the levels of industrial noise, has been created.

In 2005, the company has introduced hardware-software complexes of automated measurement of network and communications parameters "Korund".

A system of parameter measurement of the communication facilities and networks "Korund"

This system is applied for the monitoring of  quality of provided communications services, coverage area measurements, analysis of electromagnetic environment, measurements of connection duration. 

Since 2006 the enterprise uses mobile monitoring stations, based on high-performance measurement systems TS9955, for testing and measurement of the parameters of the radio electronic facilities (REF) and cellular mobile networks (CMN), solution of tasks on the coverage areas  and quality of services control, which are provided by the cellular mobile operators.


In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from 26 March 2007 No. 136 «On State programme of innovative development of the Republic of Belarus for 2007-2010 years», the project of RUE «BelGIE» «Introduction of the automated system for the management of radio frequency spectrum usage» has been included into the List of more important projects of innovative development of branches and regions of the Republic of Belarus for 2007-2010 years from Ministry of Communications and Informatization. 

The introduction of software ICS-Manager, ICS-Telecom and ICS-MapServer for ASM RFS in period from April to June 2007 became the beginning of the implementation of this project.

During June - December 2007 modernization of fixed station of Centre of Radio Monitoring and installation of management point were carried out.

In period from October 2007 to May 2008 the fixed monitoring station was built in Brest and installation of the four unattended stations was carried out in Brest region.

Measurement and direction-finding fixed station of Brest division

In January-July 2008 the fixed monitoring station was put into operation in Grodno and installation of the five unattended stations was carried out in Grodno region; in July-December 2008 the fixed stations were put into use in Gomel and Mogilev and also five unattended stations were installed in Gomel region; in 2009 the fixed stations were put into use in Minsk and Vitebsk and five unattended stations were installed in Mogilev and Vitebsk regions. 

In 2010 two fixed unattended measurement and direction-finding stations were built and put into operation in Minsk, five unattended stations were installed in Minsk region, twenty six stations and one SW direction finder were installed at the rest part of the country.

In second half of 2010 the works on modernization of measurement and direction finding antenna-feeder system, remote positioning devices and specialized software for the radio measurements and carrying out of technical analysis of waveforms in vertical and horizontal polarization in the 10 kHz - 3 GHz frequency range, which are located in the Radio Monitoring Centre in Priluki village. 

Construction of an antenna tower in the Centre of Radio Monitoring of RUE “BelGIE”

Antenna tower has height of 70 m


In the same time, to provide the functioning of the automated system for the management of the radio spectrum usage (ASM RFS) и the whole enterprise, there was necessity in the modernization of the existing data transferring network. The implementation of the project on the construction of the multiservice data transferring network of the enterprise was the construction of the network, which provides necessary set of services of data exchange, messages for the application processes (email, information-searching systems, systems of database management, system of monitoring data management, video and conference communication, telephony, etc.) between all the structural divisions of RUE «BelGIE» with the observance of necessary quality of services depending on traffic type, and also this set of services ensures the opportunity of interaction among the exisiting public networks of data transferring and telephony.


In 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006 RUE «BelGIE» has been named as the best enterprise of the branch in accordance with the results of the republican competitions.

Since 2005 the sportive team of RUE «BelGIE» has actively participating in annual sportive events. In accordance with the results of the competitions among the teams of the communication enterprises of Minsk within the Republican round-year branch spartakiada of the communications employees, the team of RUE «BelGIE» annually wins prizes: 2006 - third place, 2007 - first place, 2008 - second place, 2009 and 2010 - again first places.   

A high sportive achievement is third place, which was won in 2009 during the Republican contest for the best organization of physical culture and mass sports activities among the enterprises employing up to 500 people (Diploma of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus).

Since 2004, the management of the enterprise pays special attention to organization of the cultural events, excursions for its employees. So, sightseeing and guided tours in Sank-Petersburg, Kiev, Lvov, Vilnius, Tallinn, historical places of Belarus were organized by the trade union committee with the involvement of  the employer›s means.

ExcursiontoGrodno, 2009

Today Republican Unitary Enterprise on supervision for telecommunications «BelGIE» is dynamically developing, permanently working actively on the exploration of advanced radio frequency bands for the introduction of modern communication systems.

Since April 2015 Mr. Yuri Semashko was appointed as new Director of the State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus.








State supervision for the telecommunications

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