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Administrative procedures for legal bodies

Procedure of the importation from abroad and usage of REF for Programme making and special events (PMSE).

List of radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices, which don’t require permitting documents for the importation into customs territory of the Republic of Belarus

To import into the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus and usage of radio electronic facilities, the users should perform following administrative procedures:

Issuance of a conclusion (license or authorization) on the right to import of the civil radio electronic facilities and/or high-frequency devices on the custom territory of the Customs Union in conditions other than import.

Issuance of permission (license or authorization) on the right to use frequency spectrum when operating radio-electronic means of civil designation.

Filled applications and your banking details should be sent to e-mail
As a response we will send you invoices for the payment.
You should send the payment proof to us. After that you will get the electronic copies of the Conclusion and Permission.

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